The Right Social Media Platform for the Best Results

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There are various social media platforms that differ by the characteristics of their audiences. Some of them are visited by experienced professionals who are working on them throughout the day. Others are visited by young adults who prefer being present there during the evenings.
It is a well-known fact that getting best results for business and brand promotion depends on the social media strategies nowadays. That means the right choice of the social media platform to be present on. If you choose the marketing strategy of being present on all the platforms simultaneously, that will lead you nowhere because your efforts will be diluted and the target focus of the marketing campaign will be weakened.

To choose the right social media platform, you need to understand well the demographics of each of them, and to decide which one can provide your brand or business with the best results. That will help you target the particular audiences that may be interested in what you offer to them, so that you can deliver your message to them more efficiently. The recent BI intelligence report highlights the information about the influence of the particular networks on the benefits and results that can be gained. It also explains in what way the general characteristics of audiences can be taken into account while using a certain social network in marketing. The idea that the results of marketing strategies on some networks are better than on the others and the explanation of this phenomenon are provided in the report, too.
Here are some basic findings highlighted in the report:
The number of Facebook users who are aged between 45 to 55 has recently increased to 45 %. Many of them are American Internet users with the income of $75,000 and more. The number of such users on Twitter is only 17 %, and this social media network is used by 86 % of non-Americans.
68 % of Instagram users are women.
Twitter audiences comprise 27 % (about a quarter) of young user aged from 18 to 29, and only 16 % of them are users aged from 30 to 49.
LinkedIn and Google+ users are mostly men (for example, they account for 70 % concerning Google+). As for the worldwide use, LinkedIn is more global.
The American Pinterest users are also mostly women who in many cases use it through tablets.
The audience of Tumblr consists mostly of teens and young adults who appreciate the freedom of expressing demonstrated by this social network. The users with the income of more than $75,000 comprise only 8 % of the total number of those who use this network.