What information do you need from me first to start work?

All we will need first to start sending the item to your page is the URL of the video you want to promote. After you have sent it to us we will start delivering your ordered views immediately.

Where should I send you my URL?

You will have to make your payment for the chosen package first, and then? After we have received it, you can send us your URL through the special form. You will also get the notification by email in which we will ask you to conform your order and to send us your URL. Only after that we will be able to start the campaign.

How long will you be completing my order?

The time of delivery may be quite different depending on the service. You can see it for different packages in their descriptions on our site. Though, it can normally take us not more than 48 hours to complete an order after we have received the URL.

Should I send you the password to my account or page?

Of course, not. We need only the URL of the video you would like to promote.

What kind of videos will be unacceptable for you?

We have the right to reject videos containing spamming, pornography and other materials that violate the existing laws. In this case, we will refund your money.

Is it possible that my profile or page will be closed or suspended after using your service?

Surely, not. All the work we will be doing for your video is hand made, so we never use any robots to deliver views to your video, and we never break the Vimeo laws and regulations, so there is no risk for your video to be banned. To make sure that this is true, please visit our testimonial page and see that our services are well-done and entirely safe.

What kind of payment methods do you use?

PayPal payments and 2CO (2CheckOut) are acceptable for us.

What are the geographical locations of the viewers you will send your service from?

They are from all over the world. If you want to customize your order, please, contact us.